Societá in accomandita per azioni. Limited partnership with shares. Company Extensions and Security Identifiers

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used in the names of a type of limited company in French-, Portuguese-, and Spanish-speaking countries, and Italy:

• Peugeot SA

— see also SARL

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   1) Spanish company title: abbreviation of Sociedad Anonima. SA Italian company title: abbreviation of Societa.
   2) French company title: abbreviation of Société Anonyme. The term is also used in Belgium and Switzerland.

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SA UK US (also S.A.) noun
LAW, WORKPLACE used, especially in Spanish-, French-, Italian-, and Portuguese-speaking countries, after the names of a particular type of limited company: »

Shares of Vivendi Universal SA climbed $1.35 to $18.25.


The Japanese company will also acquire 100% of Vivitar France S.A.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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